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Name of Organisation : URI – Soča, University Rehabilitation Institute

Website: www.ir-rs.si

Email: zdenka.wltavsky@ir-rs.si

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/uri-so%C4%8Da/

University Rehabilitation Institute, Republic of Slovenia – Soča (hereafter referred to as URI-Soča) was established in 1954 as the Institute for Rehabilitation of the Disabled. In 1993 it was transformed into the Institute for Public Health, established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. It is the central National Health Institute for comprehensive and interdisciplinary rehabilitation of patients with functional and workplace impairments.

It performs the most demanding tasks on the secondary and tertiary levels, in the field of physical medicine, rehabilitation and application of technical devices, as well as in the area of psycho-social rehabilitation and occupational and employment rehabilitation.

Other tasks are carrying out research work, the tasks and functions of diagnosis and triage, pedagogical work for high schools, institutions of higher education, faculties and other forms of education and training.

Development Centre for Vocational Rehabilitation in URI–Soča organizes training courses for experts in this field at the national level. One of the activities at URI-Soča is coordinating a number of national and European projects in order to gain experience and to exchange good practices and consequently improve the situation of our employees and clients (the disabled), and other vulnerable target groups (Roma people, migrants, unemployed youth, the elderly, etc.).

URI SOČA clients are also person with mental disabilities  and learning difficulties.