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Name of Organisation: L’Ovile Cooperativa

Website: www.ovile.net

Email: vmaramotti@ovile.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coop.ovile/

L’Ovile is a social cooperative established in Reggio Emilia (Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy) in 1993, with the aim to promote the inclusion of disadvantaged people, who live difficult situation from a social and economic point of view.

L’Ovile plans reintegration paths according to the following criteria:

  • promotion of the empowerment and the social inclusion of beneficiaries, involving different actors in the territory thanks to the delivery of services, the implementation of entrepreneurial activities, the development of Active Labour Market Policies (ALMP);
  • promotion of awareness raising actions and support to people who are at risk of exclusion.

The services delivered by the cooperative address the most abandoned and in need people, such as physically, mentally and sensorially disabled, drug- and alcohol-addicted, inmates and ex-inmates, migrants with a low knowledge of Italian language, refugees, victims of human trafficking, unemployed, taking into account also the new forms of material poverty connected with society’s evolution.

From an entrepreneurial point of view, L’Ovile is a not for profit organization, which pursues the human empowerment and the social inclusion, contributing to the general interest of the community. L’Ovile is deeply rooted in the whole province of Reggio Emilia and, with a 2016 revenue of more than 9 million Euros, involves today about 300 employees.

According to Italian law, the organization is a cooperative of type A and B: sector A provides social services and sector B offers opportunity of integration into the labour market.

The main activities in the field of social care (sector A of the cooperative) are:

– Social and Labour Centre for Disabled people, addressed to physically, mentally and sensorially disabled adults, providing them with social inclusion activities and offering them the opportunity to acquire competences and skills from a personal and professional point of view (even though their serious disability prevents them from real and autonomous labour activity);

– social reintegration of people subject to criminal measures – a service alternative to detention, carried out starting from 1994 in order to offer opportunities of integration into the labour market and in residential structures aimed at psychological and social rehabilitation; the structures host also people coming from former judicial psychiatric hospital of Reggio Emilia;

– treatment and rehabilitation of people with mental disease through the management of several structures dedicated to different levels of mental disease, aimed at supporting the gradual development of autonomy and the social inclusion of beneficiaries;

– cultural-linguistic mediation addressed to migrants aimed at promoting and reinforcing the integration policies; in the last 15 years L’Ovile has been managing a centre addressed to migrants, in order to provide them with information concerning documents, employment and access to the main services of the territory;

– in the last years the cooperative has been involved in the reception and social integration of several refugees within Operation Mare Nostrum and Operation Triton, winning three tenders of the Prefecture of Reggio Emilia; L’Ovile hosts refugees, providing them with prompt solutions to basic needs (houses hosting about 5/6 persons; food) and supporting their integration path in the local community;

– mediation service aimed at promoting active citizenship in the local community, experimenting several participatory techniques; L’Ovile runs a Centre for Restorative Justice;

– environmental education and education in the field of sustainable lifestyles, summers camp, parks and green areas management, promotion of social economy, fair trade and local products; this branch of the cooperative has a long experience and strong collaboration with schools, local authorities, enterprises and associations of the territory.

The sector B of the cooperative offers to the beneficiaries the opportunity to have access to the labour market in several fields:

– assembling activities,

– waste collection,

– cleaning sector both in civil and industrial sector,

– fair economy (production and distribution of km0 products, in collaboration with other local cooperatives and little farmers).

The cooperative achieved certification to the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and to the Italian standard Family Audit, concerning work-life balance measures