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Website: www.ipsa.gr

Email: ipsyd@otenet.gr

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dimitra.georgiou.509/

Institute of Psychosocial Development (I.Ψ.A.) is an NGO founded in the City of Larissa (Region of Thessaly) since 2001 by a group of experienced scientists and research associates active in various development fields with disadvantaged segments of society.

Basic objective of the Institute is the promotion of psychosocial development of the individuals, through a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic, counseling and support services for adults, families, children and adolescents on an individual or/and group basis.

I.Ψ.A. provides a number of integrated services specially designed to serve the needs and meet the criteria of all the target groups and the organizations (SMEs, institutions, etc.) that constitute the modern social environment.

Moreover, I.Ψ.Α.’s overall operation and philosophy is expanded to the provision of all the related services in order to support efficiently all the disadvantaged groups and underprivileged populations that are facing enhanced difficulties to participate, contribute or even benefit from their social environments. Specifically, a series of integrated services are provided through a range of specific programs satisfying the enhanced need of all the target groups.