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Name of Organisation: AnazititesTheatrou (In Art Ngo)

Website: www.inartngo.com

Email: info@inartngo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Inartngo

Instagram: https://instagram.com/inartngo

Anazitites Theatrou is a not-for-profit organisation located in Thessaloniki, Greece whose staff are passionate people that aim to foster sustainability, creativity, tolerance and social inclusion.

Anazitites Theatrou organises and hosts training courses, seminars, workshops and meetings regarding arts and crafts, culture, rewarding recycling and literature. It hosts all kinds of art.

Our mission is to create an inspirational space where we find new ways to lead sustainable lives, communities, households and businesses. A home for creativity in all its form.

The association puts a special focus on the development of educational and cultural project, promotion of non-formal and informal education, social and creative entrepreneurship and networking between organizations in order to exchange experience and boost their potential. Anazitites Theatrou fosters youth participation, intercultural learning, active citizenship, but also art and culture which it more often uses as its main working method. Within the association’s activities,  the principles of tolerance to diversity, open discussion, active initiatives, shared experiences, volunteering, non-formal education and informal learning are encouraged.

The members of Anazizites Theatrou have experience and expertise in organizing, implementing and monitoring festivals, conferences, bilateral and multilateral projects. The projects of the association are innovative and provide a variety of learning opportunities within the framework of an educational activity. Anazitites Theatrou regards education as a holistic activity, with individual learning facilitated by opportunities presented through its diverse project streams.

The association strives to initiate new approaches, linked to the exchange of ideas. Anazitites Theatrou would like to get involved in educational exchanges which will be used to disseminate best-practices whilst enhancing social, socio-cultural and professional integration.