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Fix Small Art Guide for Educators

Fix Small Art Guide for Educators is an introduction and analysis including study cases with suggested adjustments for creating an inclusive learning environment.

The purpose of this guideline is to provide the tools to thetrainer so they can conceptualise and create an inclusive learning environment, while developing a better understanding of the needs of their learners specifically to the target group that includes people with different kinds of disabilities and mental challenges.

The project “FixSmallArt” main objective is to examine andmoderate different art methods and techniques supporting socialtolerance practices and adult education for people with learningdisabilities and mental challenges helping their social and personalempowerment and while enhancing the training skills of their teachers.

How do we approach Accessibility ?

Accessibility means that the Learning provider develops knowledge about the conditions for learning among the learners and how it is related to the educational, social and physical environments of the activity. In this handbook the trainer of a creative workshop for disabled persons can get an idea on how to arrange and facilitate a workshop including preparations, pedagogic tips, choice of materials and a step by step instruction about how to organize the creative workshop.

During the implementation of this project the learners will develop their social and communication skills and will be supported in the informal adulteducation field.

Download the guide below to explore it.

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