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Name of Organisation: Medborgarskolan, Stockholm, Kulturama

Website: https://www.medborgarskolan.se/

Email: Info.sthlm@medborgarskolan.se

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/medborgarskolan/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/medborgarskolan

As a non formal study organization we have many projects aiming to encourage low skilled adults to lifelong learning.

These groups include disabled and immigrants, where female immigrant groups have a special attention. We work with female groups advocating for equality issues, which is much appreciated by the immigrant women.

We have been involved in special projects aiming towards empowering women to take more place in the public areas and to have more power in society.

In the form of study circles we involve women in discussions where they can learn about their democratic rights. We educate women in business and how to empower themselves by having skills to get a job or have a small business.

We also work with male groups discussing equal rights among men and women and etchical rules in Sweden.